Sneak Peek: Google Launches Its Own Social Network!

Google+For quite sometime now, Google has been secretly working on its own take on the social network phenomenon. Deemed as “the next Facebook Killer”, Google finally gives the world a sneak preview of  its social project.

Google+ is Google’s very own social network. No, it’s not yet available for everyone. However, Google is already testing it with a small number of people. And there seems to be a lot of good reviews about it already! So what does Google+ have to offer?

Circles, Hangouts, Instant Upload, Sparks, Huddle

Google+ features



Circles are somewhat like Facebook Groups, but it goes beyond it. You can make as many Circles, and add your contacts to each of them. With an easy to use drag and drop interface, all you have to do is drag your contacts to the Circle you want to add them in.  By segregating your contacts into different Circles, you can easily share things with each one of them separately.

There will also be a Google+ Toolbar, which you can easily install to your browser so you can share things with your Circles even if you’re not in Google+. As long as you have the toolbar, sharing things with your Circles will be very easy.



Hangouts lets users have face to face group live chats with members of their Circles. In an interview with the 2 masterminds of Google+, TechCrunch writer MG Siegler witnessed live how this feature works. And he had this to say:

Google+ system is smart enough to focus on who is controlling the conversation in any given minute. This makes the conversation easy to watch. It was almost as if an editor is working behind the scenes, cutting between people.~MG Siegler, TechCrunch

Instant Upload

Instant Upload

Google+ offers a very easy way of uploading photos online. Uploading mobile photos and videos, for example, is now  a breeze! After taking photos on your phone, Google+ automatically sends the images to a private album on your account, and from there, you can choose which ones to save, discard, and share with your friends, or particular Circles!



Through the Huddle feature, Google+ lets you group chat or group text with your friends on your phone! Planning a party, a vacation, or just a simple movie night is now effortless!



Sparks is not your average search engine! In fact, Google calls it a “sharing engine”.

With Sparks, you enter an interest you have and Google goes out and finds elements on the web that they think you’ll care about. These can be links to blog posts, videos, books — anything that Google searches for. If you find something you like, you can click on an item to add it to your interest list (where it will stay for you to quickly refer to anytime you want). Or you can see what others are liking and talking about globally in the “Featured interests” area.~TechCrunch


But these features are only the tip of the iceberg! Google says that there’s more to Google+ than the features that was recently announced! And rumors are, Google will have games as well!

Here’s a photo of the code Engadget found, revealing that Google does have plans to have games in Google+ as well:

google games

No wonder Google invested around $100 Million on Zynga last year!

Will you try Google+ once it’s available to you? Let us know in the comment section below!

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