Myspace About To Terminate 150 More Of Its 400 Employees

myspaceAfter laying off almost half of its employees in early January this year, it seems that Myspace has more pink slips to send out to its employees. What will happen to Myspace? Can it ever regain what it once had?

150 out of the 400 employees of Myspace are expected to be laid off. TechCrunch has confirmed that the layoffs were expected as Myspace prepares for a sale. The signing and announcement, TechCrunch reports, would most likely happen later this week. Both the buyer and the amount of the sale are unknown.

What do you think will happen to Myspace after the expected sale? Do you think Myspace will ever regain its popularity again? What do you think will happen to YoVille in Myspace after the sale? Let us know in the comment section below!

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