YoLanguage: Your Own Yoville Dictionary

When I began playing, I was rather unsure on how to talk. Most of the users slowly learn all the abbreviations,

but some of these really need an explaination. Communication plays a very important role in any social game (actually, any social interaction!) so knowing the obscure online games speech is mostly needed. In order to help you, we made a list of most of the widely-used words we usually encounter inYoville (this is both for English speaking users and foreign users).

  • Noob: usually, it means “Newbie” “New to the game” or “Dummy”. On Yoville it usually refers to people who don’t go around with great dresses (which show one person’s wealth) or to ones who have less than 1 Jade badge.
  • obo: stands for “Or best offer”, usually used after a price of an item. The highest bidder wins the item
  • ono: “or nearest offer”
  • nfs: Not for sale
  • Res / Reserve: starting price of an item in an auction. Example: if I want to sell a Firebreathing Dragon and say it has a reserve of 10000 coins, I won’t give it away for less than that. So starting bid price is the reserve price the auctioneer states.
  • wtt: Want to trade
  • wtb: Want to buy
  • wts: Want to sell
  • 08 item, 09 item, 10 item: Refers to the year on which the item was released (2008, 2009, 2010)
  • G4g: gift for gift. Send a gift to the user who says this and receive one back. High chance for scams.
  • Ttt: Tick tac toe
  • Rps: Rock paper scissors
  • max: (i.e. can you “max” me?) to get the maximum amount of coins per day from playing and winning games like Rock paper scissors and/or Tic tac toe
  • max 4 max: to help each other “max” or get the maximum amount of coins per day from playing and winning games like Rock paper scissors and/or Tic tac toe
  • Cr: Coins run. Means somebody sent you a message to receive coins (usable only on the Myspace platform)
  • Runner: Refers to a user that throws high offers in auctions just to leave after. Can also refer to an auctioneer who doesen’t give the items.
  • Poofed: Disappeared, refers usually to event hosts who disappear.
  • FS: for sale
  • Wb: Welcome back or Whiteboard
  • Np: no problem
  • Dw: don’t worry
  • Tbh: to be honest
  • Btw: by the way
  • Yobwabies: people who make characters and, to show they speak as babies, fill everything with ws ws ws and more ws!
  • yadda: Instead of the usual @#*! it’s the word that Yoville’s swear filter substitues to harsh words. If you see glyaddaes it’s usually glasses: yes, the filter enjoys banning the wrong words
  • omg: oh my god
  • hm: How much
  • ikr: I know, right?
  • nty: no, thank you.
  • wtg: way to go
  • gj: good job
  • gd: good deal
  • lol: laugh out load
  • rofl: rolling on the floor laughing
  • lmao: laughing my a** off

Well there ya go guys! These are some very important words you should familiarize yourselves with when playing Yoville and interacting with other players. If  you have  more to add, please tell us in the comment section below ;)

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—Agent Sono

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