Ultimate Splat Guide!

Ever wonder how people get those colorful splats on their profiles?

The ones that cover the whole page that you can’t see their faces anymore? Well, wonder no more guys! YoRehab brings you the Ultimate Splat Guide! Keep reading, and you’ll find yourself splatting away in no time! :)

What are splats?

Splats look something like this:

How Do I Make Splats?

1. Head to your Yoville Profile

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and find this part:

This is where you can create your splats!

3. In order to start making splats, you need to purchase the balloons. Click on your blue pouch, then select Buy More.

4. Creating balloon splats requires combining balloons of all colors and sizes.

Small= 1 small

Medium= 1 small + 1 small

Large= 1 small + 1 small + 1 small

To combine balloons, drag the balloons to this part:

Once you have dragged the balloons there, click on  to combine them.

5. There ya go guys, those are the most basic steps to follow. If you want to make harder/prettier balloons, here are the recipes to follow:



There ya go guys! Start splatting your friends’ profiles :)

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