Trading 101: Selling In YoVille

Trading 101: Selling in YoVilleBuying and Selling is a huge part of the game.

Whether we admit it or not, many of us constantly scour Trading events just to be able to find great deals to profit from when we decide it’s time to resell. Many of us constantly stock up on items that are leaving the store and save them so we can sell them for higher prices once their value increases. But nowadays, it seems that many players are finding it very hard to sell certain items–may it be through sales, or auctions. Many players have even sold their items for prices lower than the store price.

This article will not tackle as to why these things are happening, but instead it will tackle what steps we can take in order to avoid losing coins. There are factors to take note of when selling our items.

1. Proper timing

  • Are the items you’re trying to sell seasonal items? Are you trying to sell summer or beach items around Christmas? It is always important to sell at the perfect time. Selling Summer or Beach items around the Winter Holidays is definitely not a good idea. Chances are, players are not thinking of buying items to decorate their Beach houses with for they are far too busy scouring the events for Holiday decorations and clothing. Similarly, selling scary Halloween costumes around Valentine’s Day might not give you the best payout or profit.

2. Demand

  • It is important to know if the items you’re trying to sell are “in demand”. Items that people are not looking for are definitely harder to sell.
  • There are fads, like for example, just a weeks ago, the 08 Decorated Tress were so in demand that the game was flooded by events wanting to buy them. But now, it seems that many sellers are finding it very hard to sell theirs.

3. State of the YoEconomy

  • It is important to know the state of the YoEconomy when selling your items. Did YoVille just get through consecutive Holidays that involved a lot of shopping and spending (i.e. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Weekend Sales)? If the answer is yes, then chances are, most players are broke, and have no coins to spend, even if they wanted to.
  • Another important thing to keep in mind is if there’s an occasion that people are anticipating or saving up for (i.e. Christmas, and Valentine’s Day, Halloween). If they’re saving up for any upcoming occasions then obviously they wouldn’t be hanging out in sales or spending any of their coins so they can save them.

4. Shocking Economic Events

  • Do you remember when the Velvet Robes and VIP Jackets that were going for millions were released in the game for 5,000-8,000 coins each? Well, sadly, a lot of players lost coins, and this of course, kept many from buying and shopping for items. Selling your items after an event like this just occurred might not be a good idea.

Well, there you go guys! These are just some things to keep in mind when you plan to have a sale. Stay tuned for more trading tips next week! Are there things you keep in mind before holding a sale? How do you prefer for a sale? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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