Your Complete YoVille Level Up Guide

YoVille Complete Level Up GuideEach time you level up past 50, you will receive a Gold Diamond Box.

yoville gold diamond boxThis Diamond Box may contain yocash, coins, or rare items. Each player will receive something different each time he/she levels up. Not all players will receive all the rare items we can get from these Diamond Boxes. Some may receive most of the rare items, while others may receive only some of them. Here’s a complete list of all the prizes you can get from these Diamond Boxes:

yoville coinsyocashAnimated Paparazzi StagePrize Clawcandy machinefortune tellerluxury shoe crackAnimated Marquee SignCircle Dancefloor 2010Cotton Candy Machine


Level YoPoints
51 32700
52 33200
53 33700
54 34200
55 34700
56 35200
57 35700
58 36200
59 36700
60 37200
61 37700
62 38200
63 38700
64 39200
65 39700
66 40200
67 40700
68 41200
69 41700
70 42200
71 42700
72 43200
73 43700
74 44200
75 44700
76 45200
77 45700
78 46200
79 46700
80 47200
81 47700
82 48200
83 48700
84 49200
85 49700
86 50200
87 50700
88 51200
89 51700
90 52200
91 52700
92 53200
93 53700
94 54200
95 54700
96 55200
97 55700
98 56200
99 56700
100 57200

Level Up Tips:

There are 2 ways to level up–Leveling up through spending, and leveling up without spending. Buying from the store is the easiest way to level up. It can get you to level 100 in no time, as long as you know which items to buy. On the other hand, If you don’t want to spend coins, then you can level up using traditional means– maxing, coin running, taking photos, doing jobs, going to the factory, etc. You need 500 YoPoints to get from one level to the next.



1) Leveling up through spending

If you want to spend coins, here are some saving up tips we can give you:

Item Name YP per piece # of pieces needed to level up cost to level up
Border Overlay 4 YP 125 pieces 5625 coins
Bait Worm yoville 1 YP 500 pieces 2500 coins
1 YP 500 pieces 2500 coins
1 YP 500 pieces 3500 coins


Buying and opening

mystery pack 1000 coins

22 YP 23 pieces 23000 coins


Buying and opening

mystery pack 2500 coins

36 YP 14 pieces 35000 coins

2) Leveling up without spending

You can also level up without having to spend coins. All you have to do is do it the traditional way.

Options YP gained Explanation
Taking Photos 100 + Each day you are given the chance to take 5 photos with your friends. Each photo gives you a chance of earning up to 20 points toward leveling up. You can also earn extra film. A good tip is to find someones storage room or a room that is filled with items. The more items you get in one picture the more points you get. Don’t forget to add a little dance to your picture as well. Also, your film refills throughout the day so make sure to check often for even more points.
Playing Games 100 Winning at Fishing, playing Tic Tac Toe or Rock, Paper, Scissors will earn up to 100 points a day.
Racing 500 Winning races at the Speedway can earn you up to 500 points a day. You can win up to 20 races a day at 25 points each.
Messages 250 Sending 25 of your favorite neighbors a message will earn you up to 250 points a day.
Working in the Factory 10 Working in the Widget Factory can earn you 10 YoPoints per visit.
Casino Spins Purchasing tokens at the casino will get you points as well. For example, if you purchase 5000 coins worth of tokens you will receive 110 points. Plus you have a chance at winning at least some of your coins back with the tokens your purchased.
Room Challenge/ Decorating You will receive points for completing rooms with the room challenge.


Well there ya go guys! We all know how excited you guys are to get to level 100 and open up those Diamond Boxes, so we wanted to give you guys some tips on what worked for us. Don’t forget to bookmark this page, and SHARE them with all your friends ;)

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