We love you guys tooo!

This post features our very supportive and loving Fans! Thank you for all your support! We wouldn’t be here without you guys! We love love loooove all of you, and we’ll continue to improve so that we can serve and help you the best way we can! Keep reading to see pictures! [Read more...]

Yoville’s Got Talent!

Have you every gone to an event where the owner is selling art on white board? Have you wondered how the quality of the art is so good? How the lines seem so perfectly straight, or how it looks so effortless? Have you ever wondered how it is even possible to create art on the same white board you use for your sales? How they can perfectly shade their drawings, while all you have to do is write down the items you’re selling, and yet no one can ever seem to understand what’s written?  Do these white board artists use some kind of program?  Or are their masterpieces hand drawn?  [Read more...]

Yoville Ninjas: A Revelation

On a one fine Yoville day, while scouring around the Yoville Forums, we stumbled upon a very shocking revelation. It seemed like the ninjas we’ve known for quite some time now–Platinum, Whitegold, Electric Blue, and even the former ninjas Green (yoGreen now) and Purple (Miss Purple now) are

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Wanted: Mmmwwommmyy

But of course. The Yo Babies. No Yoville Day is complete without one of these events showing up every few hours. No one is fully aware of what the real score is behind these avatars that seemingly talk  in an alien langauage. Is it a scam? Is the person

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Funny Scam of the Week: City Bank

It’s funny how some Yoville players just won’t stop devising new ways of scamming others. Some of their tactics scream MAJOR SCAM and yet players (especially new players) still fall for them. So we decided at YoRehab to expose and

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Uncovered: Mystery Man of Yoville


This video was made by a YoRehab member: agent cudie, together with friends :)