Top Ten Reasons To Love YoVille


We all have our own reasons why we love YoVille. Decorating, costumes, sales, and collecting rares are just a few of the reasons that we get hooked on YoVille.  [Read more...]

Express Yourself With YoFashion!

Express Yourself With YoFashion!It is a well-known fact that we all have unique personalities, so how do you go about showing yours off in YoVille? Clothes of course! This is your guide to creating your own Yo Style.

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YoVille Life Inspired by Real Life

Real life meets Yo-lifeHave you ever seen an item in YoVille and thought to yourself, “Wow, I’ve seen that somewhere before?”

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YoRehab Fashion Design Contest (Winners Announced)

yoville costume design contestRecently, we held a fashion design contest in the Yoville forums.

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The Agents Designed By Angela_Tiredmom

The Agents YovilleWith a history of winning most, if not all, the Yoville costume design contests–her most recent triumph the Gothic Rag Doll,

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The Bwaby Phenomenon

yoville babiesThere is a phenomenon in Yoville that is confusing yet very interesting.

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Yo Urban Myths: True or False?

Yo Urban Myths are running rampant in YoVille, and while we try to stay atop of the latest breaking news, hold exciting nonstop contests, have the most up-to-date price guide and provide our fans with great customer service, we don’t always have enough time to get all the facts on most of your concerns regarding glitches, scams, hacks, rumors, etc.  So, we decided to dedicate a segment on Yo Urban Myths to see if we can bring some truth (or falseness) to many issues that concern our fans.

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Agents’ Journal: What’s YoFrustration? Sound Off!!!

No matter how many good things there are happening in the ‘Ville, it’s seldom that many of us do not encounter a person, a place, and event, or a thing that twerks yo last nerve! After hearing your vents, rants, screams, cries, and tantrums, we decided to compile a list of YoFrustrations that we received, observed, and experienced!

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Bringing YoSexy Back

With the bevy of new yoApparel, there should be absolutely nothing stopping you from bringing YoSexy back to YoVille. With the new romantic and Moroccan themes, we’re seeing more YoSexyVillans all over the place.  The Ville is now becoming more of a show place to bring yoSexy back and to get yoGroove , yoSwag, yoMac on and poppin’! We once complained that we didn’t have enough clothes and *BAM* … gowns, dresses, suits, hats, crowns, hair, makeup, earrings, tattoos … you name it, they gave it to us.  (Well, with the exception of

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