Seller Beware: Players Creating Fake YoRehab Prices!

Players are apparently ‘doctoring’ YoRehab images, reducing prices. Please don’t get caught up by these scammers! [Read more...]

[UPDATED] (Security Alert) Agent’s Journal: Do You Really Think I Was Born Yesterday?

Today I upset a hacker. It was such fun! [Read more...]

Fake Agent Alert: ‘Agent Danny’ [UPDATE!]

This fake agent is blocking anyone who attempts to reveal that he is a fraud! [Read more...]

Buyer Beware: Possible Bandana Glitch

buyerbeware - DefaultThis item is not always what it appears to be… [Read more...]

Buyer Beware: Whiteboard Scam Is Back!

buyerbeware - DefaultOnce again, blank boards sent to buyers… [Read more...]

Player Beware: All Is Not Well In The Auction House!

Problems with loading – and it would appear that players are still attempting to scam… [Read more...]

[Hoax Alert ] Privacy Notice And Warning To Institutions, Agents & Agencies

Although this alert has been doing the rounds for the last two years, people are still falling for it… [Read more...]

Warning: We Have Impersonators!

YoRehab News DefaultYoRehab has been receiving messages about fake in game agents. We would like to clarify this. [Read more...]