Zynga, Can We Have YoCash Discount Promos Instead Of YoCoins?

As YoCash items continue to flood the stores on YoVille we have to ask “Where have those YoCash Discounts gone? ” [Read more...]

Proposed Trading Solution: Join The Yo Fight To Save Our Real Fingers!

Trading SolutionHave you ever thought of how many times you’ve clicked that 1,000 coin button all throughout your Yo Life?

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Can We Have More Control Over Our Buddy List?

Yoville Neighbors/Crew: Advantages and Disadvantages, Pro's Con'sWe’ve all seen desperate “Add me/need crew/neighbors” spams everywhere in Facebook.

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A Glitch In Time Does NOT Save Nine

Have you ever heard the phrase  ”A stitch in time saves nine“?  Well, for those of you that haven’t heard it, the interpretation of the phrase means “doing things in a timely effort will prevent more work later”. Zynga could really take heed to this old adage since we, Yovillians, are and have been bombarded with more than our average share of  glitches this week. The question is how much more could we take, and what can we do about it?

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Is Yoville Turning into North Pole?

It seems that Winter has arrived early in our little town of Yoville. As new features arrive weekly, it cannot be denied that it’s previous heat is now slowly turning into ice, and the never ending lag and loading problems are slowly freezing players out of the game.

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An Improved Yoville Bank

Does anyone even know there is the Bank of YoVille?  More importantly, does anyone ever bank there?  I must admit that I’ve grown curious about the Bank of YoVille and it’s tricky math in our ever changing, increasing, and inflating YoEconomy! For those of you who have never visited

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The Car Dealership is a Pop Up?

Thank you, Zynga, for the new cars! We love love loooove them oh so much! Now all we need is a nice car dealership we can actually visit! Please, please, please can you grant our wish? Don’t get us wrong, we love that we can buy cars from the comforts of our own home, but don’t you think we’ve had too much of pop up’s already?

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