Should The Auction House Be Shut Down?

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Glitch Report: Pets Are Not Able To Be Placed

Glitch Report DefaultHas anyone been having issues with placing animals in their home? Well we have! [Read more...]

Gary Pants – Auction House Glitch!

Glitch Report DefaultAgent Alby ended up with eight! [Read more...]

‘Wearing’ Glitches Reported With Two New Releases

Glitch Report DefaultDuty Belt and Lime Green Jeans affected… [Read more...]

Glitch Report – High School Nerd Glasses

Glitch Report DefaultOnly the yellow glasses can be worn… [Read more...]

Glitch Report: YoWorld Jobs Have Stopped Working!

Glitch Report DefaultPlayers cannot get past the first room… [Read more...]

How To: Remove An Event When It’s Stuck

With all the new updates coming to our wonderful YoWorld, there is expected to be glitches. One in particular would be having your event stuck and not being able to host another.

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Build Feature At Factory Not Working For Everyone!

Glitch Report DefaultCan only be made if you have enough widgets already… [Read more...]

YoWorld Players Reporting Items As Untradeable or Unplaceable!

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Facebook Game Cards Have Stopped Working With YoVille!

Facebook game cards cannot currently be used to buy YoCash! [Read more...]