BVG Offers Players A ‘Hair-Raising’ Experience!

Glitch Report DefaultHair lines leave some players concerned… Is this a glitch – or were the hairstyles just badly designed this way? [Read more...]

Glitches Just Never Stop!

Glitch Report DefaultSo we all know how pesky glitches can be. Some are more annoying than others, but we’ve had the opportunity to have a fan share his video of glitches with us. [Read more...]

Glitch Report: New Summer Beach Ball Disappears!

Glitch Report DefaultNew beach ball cannot be worn with other handheld items… [Read more...]

Auction House Eating Items?

Glitch-ReportThe Auction House seems to be the popular way to buy and sell, but now people are weary of it.. [Read more...]

Glitch Report: Special Delivery Boxes

Glitch Report DefaultMany players are reporting different glitches… [Read more...]

[UPDATE] New Moose Hats Have Been Fixed!

Glitch Report DefaultThey strip some players of their clothes too! [Read more...]

White Gold Ninja And Blue Ninja Hairs Are Still In Store!

Glitch Report DefaultA technical issue has delayed their expiration from YoWorld… [Read more...]

UPDATE: Animated Gold Wings Have Been Fixed

Glitch Report DefaultArticle updated 07/03/2014 [Read more...]

Greg Thomson Looks Into Problems With The ‘Carve Your Own Pumpkin’

Glitch Report DefaultMany other items including the Zen Garden are affected… [Read more...]

Glitch Report: Wings Change Face Shape

Glitch-ReportWith new releases, we sometimes get new glitches. Today’s happens to be a face shape change. [Read more...]