Sneak Peek: Memorial Day Clothing!

sneak-peek-defaultMemorial Day is right around the corner! Do you have your spirited outfits ready for the occasion? [Read more...]

Pixies Borough Sneak Peek!

sneak-peek-defaultWith the new theme coming to us, it was inevitable for us to get some new fashion sense! [Read more...]

Animal Reserve Tribal Clothing Sneak Peek!

sneak-peek-defaultAnother Sneak Peek is now available for your viewing! This week’s sneak peek is on the Animal Reverse Tribal Clothing! [Read more...]

Animal Reserve Sneak Peek!

sneak-peek-defaultAre you ready to be a Safari Tourist? Well, if you have no idea what to wear, FEAR no more! New Safari Outfits will be available soon. [Read more...]

Heroes Contest Sneak Peek

sneak peek defaultAfter the long wait, the contest design winners for the Hero Theme will soon be hitting stores! [Read more...]

Hero’s Outfits Sneak Peek!!

sneak-peek-defaultWe’ve gotten our firehouse! New clothing will surely look good with it! That’s right, the Official Sneak Peek of the new clothing has been posted! [Read more...]

Interview with YoVille Designer McFly

Designer Interview

There are many talented designers who provide us with great costumes in YoVille through the design contests. These designers allow us to have the hottest costumes in YoVille. An avid YoVille player, Reed Pennington, recently had a chance to get an exclusive interview with McFly and shared it with us below:

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Clothing Valentine Mystery Boxes

Clothing mystery boxYoVillians! Are you ready for new Mystery Boxes? Well here’s the latest details! [Read more...]

A Look Inside The World Of Yo-Trannies

A Look Inside The World Of Yo-TranniesEveryone has seen people in YoVille that blur gender lines. With more and more facial features that can be bought, the line between female avatar and male avatar has become even more distorted.

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Can’t Afford An 08 Costume? Find Thrifty Ways To Look The Way You Want!

08forless_edited-1No matter how long you have been playing YoVille, chances are that you have a dream costume that you cannot afford. Below you will find a  few examples of 08 knockoffs you can create for far less then their average going price.

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