Are Yocash Items the New “Rares”?

Is it only me or have all the yocash dealers suddenly disappeared? are they on vacation or are they just too tired of spending tons of yocash over new items that now come almost every other day? I’ve heard tons of tragic stories that certain yocash dealers experienced. One of them spent over 500 US dollars selling yocash items for coins to buy VIP jackets. And we all know the tragic end to that… In spite of the fact that the ninjas have warned so many times that buying such items are not encouraged at all, I still cannot help but feel bad for those people who worked real hard selling items, and much more, selling yocash items wherein real money is involved. Going back to the story of the dealer who spent over 500 US dollars, what will happen to him now? Will Zynga refund him? Is it even Zynga’s responsibility ?

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