Forums Closing; Confirmed Rumor

Well all the forumers have seen it, now it’s been confirmed.

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YoJealousy rears its ugly head in many ways, some mild forms and some extreme. An event that occurred just a few days ago gave prime examples of how YoJelaousy can effect people. [Read more...]

TeamViewer: What Is All The Hype About?

Scandals Drama Gossip DefaultWhen you’re browsing through events, does it ever occur to you there are more than a few commenting on TeamViewer? Have you ever wondered what that is, and if you should see what it’s about? Here is a bit of insight on the program, and this should allow you to make your own decision based on the information provided. [Read more...]

Missing Eyes: Lost And Found

yovilleNEWSdefault-copyWhen a new line hits the stores, some YoVillians rush to the stores. They want to be among the first to be adorned in the new hairs, eyes or costume. Some of us wait, we go window shopping. We try things on and go hmmmm. We wait to see what it looks like on someone else. Experience has taught us that what looks amazing in the ‘try it on’ window isn’t how it actually appears in the game. [Read more...]

Fear And Prejudice In YoVille

Scandals Drama Gossip DefaultHitting the streets of YoVille the mission was to find someone willing to share their thoughts and feelings on a very sensitive subject: Prejudice. Would there be a person brave enough to admit to being prejudice? Yes, there was. [Read more...]

What’s Up With The Kickers?

Scandals Drama Gossip DefaultThe kick feature in YoVille is just too irresistible for some players. They will ‘kick’ a person for no apparent reason whatsoever.




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Love And Romance YoVille Style Part I

YoVilleIt’s been happening since the dawn of YoVille. People meet, flirt and develop a relationship, but is it safe? Is it really love?

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Coin Dealing: Is It Affecting The Game?

YoVilleWe have all seen the events buying and selling YoVille coins for real money. What does this mean for the game?

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Pricing Glitch With Fun Fair Items Fixed

DramaPricing glitches happened with the Fun Fair theme. Zynga gives us a statement regarding the problem. [Read more...]

Players Outraged Over Price Changes

After another Fun Fair release in YoVille, there seems to be big problems with some of the items.  [Read more...]