Vlog: Dinky Talks Getting Owned

Dinky's VlogDinky comes right back to us with a very important message for all you club members.  [Read more...]

Vlog: It’s Officially Valentine’s Day 2012

Dinky's VlogDinky is back on Valentine’s Day to talk about LOVE. [Read more...]

Yo Vlog: Dinky Talks Vday 2012

Yo Vlog

Dinky’s back with a “heartfelt” Valentines Day Vlog for all of us!   He talks about his thoughts on the City Of Love theme and his feelings about the prices people are charging for some of the items obtained in the Mystery Packs sold inside the fashion store.

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Yo Vlog: Hyper

Yo VlogDinky is back with a very “Hyper” Vlog. He has a lot to talk about in this Vlog, so pay close attention. [Read more...]

Yo Vlog: Dawn On The Horizon

Yo VlogDinky is back with a very special Vlog. In today’s Vlog he talks about the newest Agent to the YoRehab family, Agent Dawny!!  [Read more...]

Yo Vlog: Freezers

Yo VlogDinky is back with another great Vlog! This time, he talks about freezers that attend events and the recent Price Guide issues.  [Read more...]

Yo Vlog: Dinky Is Back!

Yo VlogDinky is back with his first Vlog since Christmas!
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Yo Vlog: Aftershock

Yo VlogDinky Do is back with a special after Christmas Vlog. Check it out here! [Read more...]

Yo Vlog: Merry Xmas!

Yo VlogDinky is back with another Vlog, but this time it is a Christmas one!  [Read more...]

Yo Vlog: Honesty

Yo VlogDinky is back with another Vlog, and this time he talks about honesty.  [Read more...]