Yo Vlog: Is YoRehab The YoVille Bible? Dinky Addresses A Known Price Guide Issue

In part two of Dinky Do’s explanation of the YoRehab price guide, Dinky explains that the price guide is just that–a guide–and not the YoVille Bible. Here’s what he has to say in the newest episode of Yo Vlog.

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Yo Vlog: Dinky Talks About How The YoRehab Price Guide Works

Have you ever wondered how the price guide works? What the agents do in order to get their prices? Well, look no further! In this new episode of Yo Vlog, Dinky talks about all this, and more!

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Introducing Yo Vlog: A Video Blog Series With Dinky Do!

Need help with anything YoVille related? Are there things in YoVille you can’t understand, and just wish someone would explain it to you? Well, look no further! Yo Vlog with Dinky Do has finally arrived!

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