Forums Closing; Confirmed Rumor

Well all the forumers have seen it, now it’s been confirmed.

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YoVille Forums– So Much Hate!

Gossip Default If you have ever dropped in on the YoVille Forums, you will know what I’m talking about. [Read more...]

YoVille Forum : Trolled By Hatred, Drama, And Hostility

Gossip Default Hey there gossip fans, Gossip Yo here! Your one and only source on what’s hot and juicy on Yo this week! And our topic for today? YoVille Forum hate, drama, and hostility–cyberbullying at its finest!

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Introducing Gossip Yo: Your Weekly Source of YoVille Gossip

Gossip Default Hey Yo’s here’s the latest beat on the Yo streets for this past week…. [Read more...]