July 22nd: UK Fashion Catch-Up!

Here we take a look at what was released this previous week in YoWorld. [Read more...]

UK Fashion 2016

New theme - defaultYoWorld returns to the United Kingdom, but will it be brand new and exciting – or just a rerun of Zynga’s original stereotypical offering? [Read more...]

YoWorld’s Road Trip Reaches Its Destination

Was it the journey of your life? [Read more...]

YoWorld Scammer Returns to Facebook! [UPDATED]

A new name, but still attempting to scam people by asking for emails/passwords, and claiming to work for Big Viking Games… [Read more...]

July 4th 2016

YoWorld celebrated July 4th in style, with small but stylish releases… [Read more...]

July 5th – 9th: Road Trip Catch-Up!

Following the July 4th celebrations, the Vikings once more turned their attention to the Road Trip theme. To  [Read more...]

Canada Day 2016

YoWorld celebrates Canada Day 2016 in style… [Read more...]

June 25th – 30th: Road Trip 2016

Were you born to be wild… or are you a Happy Camper? [Read more...]