YoUniversity & YoWorld Mobile Companion – Plus Double YoCoin Bonus For Watching Ads!

 New YoUniversity releases, plus a new way to play Yo, and more YoCoins for those able to view ads. [Read more...]

Welcome to YoUniversity 2016

Summer vacation is just about over and it’s time for the younger Yo’s to think about getting back to their studies if they want to do well in life. Welcome to YoUniversity 2016!
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Final YoWorldWorld & Mrs Paws’ Pet Releases

YoWorld’s theme park theme has drawn to a close, and here we look at the final days’ releases… [Read more...]

Mrs Paw’s Petting Paradise

Who could resist a cute little animal – or two – to pet? [Read more...]

Premium Items, A Casino Promotion, And 50th Podcast Celebrations

 Here we take a look a the latest fun in YoWorld. Can you afford to take part? [Read more...]

August 10th: YoWorldWorld Catch-Up!

Here we look at the latest YoWorldWorld releases, special offers, and YoCash promotions… [Read more...]

August 7th: Welcome To Amusement Park 2016!

‘Fun and games’ comes to YoWorld! Come on in for the ride of your life! [Read more...]

August 5th: UK Fashion 2016 Comes To An End

Here we take a look to say good-bye to UK Fashion 2016, and take a look at the last releases of the theme. [Read more...]

July 23rd-28th: Latest UK Fashion Releases

Here we take a look at the latest UK Fashion items released this week. [Read more...]

July 25th-29th: Street Style Designs Come To YoWorld

Finally, the winning designs from the Street Style Fashion Design Contest were released in YoWorld, and they were a massive hit with many players! [Read more...]