YoEconomy: Making Smart YoInvestments

YoEconomy is something most of us depend on, hoping that we chose our items wisely, and that their price will rise in the near future. We have all been surprised a few times though, and lost money as well, like the VIP  Jackets Incident. They were never really released in the store. They were only [Read more...]

Endless Possibilities

As tons of old costumes, collectibles, and rares skyrocket in price, how much are you willing to risk? In many many occasions, Yoville has proven its unpredictability by surprising its players with their very sneaky ways. In 2009, just when

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Yoville Economy Today: An attempt to Unravel the Mystery

Up and down, high and low, and back and forth. These are the first things that comes to my mind when I think of the Yoville market today. Prices seem to change and fluctuate every minute of every day. What happened? What is causing it, and what has led the Yoville market to this unpredictable state?

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The Economist

Now that players have realized that 2008 costumes will not be re-released, the prices of costumes are on their way up again. And for the past few days there have been many events “Wanting to buy 2008 costumes”. The prices of 2008 costumes has taken a great loss in value, but

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The Navigator

Finally, the long awaited “Luxury” theme has arrived in Yoville, spearheaded by the enormous Yacht home which is indeed, the epitomy of luxury. This theme will bring to fame the sailor and female sailor costume, and these will be luxury icons. And if you ask me, who doesnt want to feel rich? The sailor costumes will rise in fame and value, just like the Old Knight during the enchanted theme.If you are a fan of the sailor and luxury theme

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Yocash Dealers: The Ghostly Disappearances Uncovered

We have discovered the true reason behind the recent disappearances of our most beloved yocash dealers. Some of it may be pointed towards Zynga experts tracking down on “illegal” yocash accounts and shutting them down, some of it may be caused by the surge of yocash items in the store, some of it may be caused by the huge loss from vip jackets purchased by these yo-dealers, but none of these compare with the real reason behind the disappearances.

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Coin Making Strategy

Prices of old rares and costumes are going down. It seems that people are preparing for an unexpected rerelease of the 2008 costumes. It seems that the unexpected official release of the VIP Jackets got people traumatized. Before the month ends, I’m predicting that prices will go down some more. And since collectibles are the only thing exempted from being rereleased, the prices of the Retro Specks and other collectibles seem to be skyrocketing. On the other hand, yocash rates seem to be going up too.

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