YoCash Rate And Their Future

YoEconomyAre you constantly looking for cheap YoCash dealers and have you ever wondered why YoCash rates are constantly going up? How high will the YoCash rate go?

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Understanding YoHoarding And How It Affects The YoEconomy

YoEconomyAre you one of those people who constantly look for things in your inventory to sell yet you still cannot find that right item? Is your inventory causing you to buy more houses as storage? Are you constantly noticing items in your houses that you don’t remember where they came from or when you got it?

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YoEconomy: Auctions And Their YoEconomic Affects

YoEconomyWhen people hear the word auction they automatically assume it’s a fast-paced and loud version of a sale where people compete for goods. The auctions may have a “Reserve Price”, which is a minimum price that the buyer is willing to accept or it may have no reserve at all, opening the auction to any bid.  On YoVille, the environment may be a little different, but the concept is still the same.  People pile into a room hoping for a good deal on items.  However, what do these auctions do for the YoEconomy?  Are they good or bad, and do they hold a higher benefit for the seller or the buyer?

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YoEconomy: 2008 Costume Market On Recession?

Price Guide NewsIt seems that the 08 costume fad is finally slowly dying down. Just a few weeks after inflation hit the 08 costume market in YoVille, it seems that in just a span of a day or 2, the costume prices are now suddenly dropping. Fast.

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2010 YoEconomy: A Review Of Economic Changes Throughout YoVille Last Year

yoville economyYoEconomy. That seems like such a strange word, doesn’t it? Much like the real world, YoVille has an ever changing economy. When the game began in May 2008, the items in YoVille were limited.

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YoEconomy: The Art of Price Jacking

Price jackingPrice-jacking, the act of conspiring with others to sell something far above the current going rate, has been running rampant around YoVille.

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Inflation: 2008 Costume Prices Soar

08 COSTUME PRICE SOARZynga has said it before and we will say it again. Collectibles are the only ones that will not be re-released.

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Yoville Mysteries

A few weeks ago, prices of costumes were so high that it seemed like no normal Yovillian would ever be able to afford them. However, for what reasons there are, prices have seemingly dropped just as fast as they went up. You would see players everywhere selling their old costumes–yorothy, naturewoman, firewoman, and many more for lower prices, sometimes even half the price lower. Of course, this made rumors of a “re-release” spread 10 times faster than it normally would. But what is causing this drop? What really is behind this? The 3 R’srefunds, rumors, and the removal of mystery chests. [Read more...]

Is Yoville Only For The Rich?

The new Moroccan theme has successfully evoked a luxurious, elegant, and royal feel. From its gigantic golden pillars embedded with gold, to the rich and vibrant colored living room sets encrusted with shiny golden pieces. It is indeed a majestic theme– a theme for the Yo-kings and yo-queens. But with the majority of the items having a yocash price tag, we cannot help but raise a question. Is Yoville only for the rich in real life? [Read more...]

Yoville Prices: Like or Dislike?

Water Balloon Machines, Performance stages, and Regal Thrones. These are a few of the highly priced collectibles in the city of Yoville. There is also a line-up of costumes that are in the same category. What makes these items so rare in Yoville? Can everyday Yovillians obtains these prized possessions? Will there be any more like these in the near future? [Read more...]