Using the YoRehab Price Guide

What is the YoRehab Price Guide?

YoRehab does not require its viewers to comply with the prices posted. The price range posted by YoRehab is based on the current market trends in the Yoville economy–the lower figure being the lowest price our researchers and observers have seen a certain item bought, while the higher figure serves as the highest price at which our researchers and price checkers have seen a certain item bought.

Where can I find the YoRehab Price Guide?

The Price Guide link can be found in the menu bar in all pages of the site :) Also, you can simply head to  http://priceguide.yorehab.com

How Do I Use the YoRehab Price Guide

To find the price of the item you are looking for, simply use the SEARCH OPTION of the Price Guide, or you can use the navigation menu in found in all the pages of the Price Guide. There are 4 Main Categories in the YoRehab Price Guide:




-Current Yocash Rates

What are Collectibles?

Collectibles are items that do not stay in the game for long. The moment they are released, 14-day timers are already placed on them. The collectibles are items that usually go up in price–reaching hundreds of thousands and millions at times. The examples of collectibles are the Water Balloon Machine, Black Performance Stage, and Pink Heart Stage.

What are Discontinued Items?

Discontinued items are not anymore available in store. They have been removed from the game, and cannot be purchased anymore.

What are Rares?

Rares are items in the game that exist in little amounts. Rares are items that are not being sold in the store. You can get a hold of them by purchasing Mystery Packs (1000 coins, 2500 coins, 5 yocash 4 yocash), by doing the Jobs, by forming Puzzles, etc. Some rare items have been accidentally released in the game, while some are unreleased. Others, on the other hand were released, but were quickly removed from the game.

What are Tradeable Features?

Normally, we do not have the option to trade/gift hair. But there was an accidental release before wherein people were able to purchase hair, and facial features for free. These are the tradeable features that can be traded, and are now being sold for thousands to hundreds of thousands. There was a time when some players were able to hack and get a hold of features that were never released in the game, like the blue eyebrows. These are hacked items.