Secure Your Facebook

We’ve found an article on the internet to help you lock down your Facebook page. [Read more...]

New Facebook Hoax Going Around!

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If you have recently gotten a message that seems like it’s from Mark Zuckerberg, this is a hoax.  [Read more...]

** Update ** Crouching Tiger, Hidden Hot Dog: A Secret To The Meat Of Factory Life **UpDate **

hotdog secret_edited-1The title says it all. There is a secret to getting the precious hot dogs that you need to earn those extra coins when you work at the factory.

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Security Alert: “Free” Facebook Credits? Or Harmful Malware?

Recently, there has been a surge in the number of Facebook users using the Facebook event feature and Facebook messaging to send malware.

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Get Rich Now: 14 Ways To Earn Coins In YoVille!

Get rich in YoVilleThere are plenty of ways to make coins and get rich in YoVille. Traditionally, getting rich in YoVille involves a lot of hard work, and requires a lot of time. However, there are also ways to get rich quickly. [Read more...]

Absolutely Everything You Need To Know About Keeping Your Child Safe On Facebook

Tips for your child's Facebook SecurityAfter what may have been weeks of your child/teen begging, you have graciously decided to allow him/her to have his/her own Facebook profile.

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Trading 101: Selling In YoVille

Trading 101: Selling in YoVilleBuying and Selling is a huge part of the game.

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Agent J’s Tips for Auctioneers

Last week we went over how to behave at an auction. This week we’ll look at the other half responsible for a great auction – the auctioneer or owner. A good auctioneer will have people lining up just to get a seat in one of their auctions. Many people hold auctions just to have fun and hang out with their friends while making a little coin. As the auctioneer,

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