Vote For A New Mini Theme!

SurveySurvey time again! We get to vote for a new mini theme.





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Does It Take Selling Everything In Order To Wear An ’08 Costume?

08 COSTUME PRICE SOARHow much of a sacrifice would it be for you to own your favorite ’08 costume? Have you already made that sacrifice?

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Facebook Announces Upcoming Changes To Groups

Facebook News - DefaultMore changes are coming to Facebook! Get the latest news here.

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New Theme: YoVille Becomes A ‘City Of Love’

new themeAs promised, we have a new theme in town! Put your shopping list together here before heading out to shop.

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Facebook Hoax: Adobe Flash Player Virus

New Facebook HoaxZynga games are very dependent on Adobe Flash Player. Does the  Adobe Flash Player update cause a virus?

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Facebook Filing For IPO This Week!

Facebook News - DefaultIn 2 days, Facebook will be filing paperwork to launch their IPO (initial public offering). What does this mean for the tech world?

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Story Of A YoResident Leaving Town

yovilleNEWSdefault-copyWhat brings a YoVille player to the decision to leave the game? A tough decision to make, but necessary sometimes.

Southern Romance Attire, Hairstyles And Furniture Arrive!

Southern Romance Cover ArtA shopping spree to end the week! We have another round of wonderful Southern Romantic items available in the stores.

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Zynga Is Looking For BOTs!

New Zynga News Default 11/11 Zynga will be looking for accounts that have BOTS! What is a BOT? [Read more...]

Southern Romantic Estate Available At Realtor!

Southern Romance EstateHave you been dreaming of a country get away? The Realtor has the perfect new property for you!

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