Round-Up Your Friends For The New Wild West Items

Wild Wild West themeCalling all Cowgirls and Cowboys for a Wild West round-up YoVille style! The newest theme items have arrived in the stores, and it’s time to lasso your wallets and head out to the stores. [Read more...]

The Ninja Fashion Clothing Sale Soon To End

The Ninja Fashion is on sale for just a few hours more. [Read more...]

Sneak Peek: Wild West Costumes

Saddle up Cowgirls and Cowboys, so you’ll be first in the Fashion Store when these costumes arrive in the Wild West of YoVille!  [Read more...]

Facebook Myth Debunked

Facebook- Default 11/11It seems that with every Facebook change a new hoax, presented as fact, splatters across our Facebook page.

[Read more...]

How To Series: Opening Mystery Gifts From Your Inventory

howto-copyIf you are new to YoVille take a minute to read this quick little article to learn about another feature that your inventory offers you.

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Where Are The New Walls And Floors?

If you are a collector of walls and floors than you most likely have noticed that YoDepot is not offering some of the new ones. [Read more...]

Fear And Prejudice In YoVille

Scandals Drama Gossip DefaultHitting the streets of YoVille the mission was to find someone willing to share their thoughts and feelings on a very sensitive subject: Prejudice. Would there be a person brave enough to admit to being prejudice? Yes, there was. [Read more...]

Free Gift With YoCash Purchase!

YoCash SaleExclusive free gifts can be yours when you purchase YoCash! [Read more...]

Top Ten Reasons To Love YoVille


We all have our own reasons why we love YoVille. Decorating, costumes, sales, and collecting rares are just a few of the reasons that we get hooked on YoVille.  [Read more...]

What’s Up With The Kickers?

Scandals Drama Gossip DefaultThe kick feature in YoVille is just too irresistible for some players. They will ‘kick’ a person for no apparent reason whatsoever.




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