Warning: We Have Impersonators!

YoRehab News DefaultYoRehab has been receiving messages about fake in game agents. We would like to clarify this. [Read more...]

YoWorld Major Topics

Everyone is concerned with something going on in YoWorld lately, from the Auction House even down to the little things such as pricing. [Read more...]

Unreleased Clothing Items On Timer

As many of you know, some unreleased items were pulled from store a while back and now the rest will be joining it.

[Read more...]

Auction House Bans and Glitches **Updated**

bannedPlayers have been reporting an unusual ban, which is scaring some players from using their favorite way to buy and sell. [Read more...]

Let’s Take A Selfie!

You got that right! Many frames will be popping up in YoWorld again. [Read more...]

House Robbers?

Glitch Report DefaultAs YoWorldians logged into their beloved accounts, many were stunned to see their homes ransacked and items missing!  [Read more...]

Expiring Salon Hairs

The new icons are very important to be checking out. As they let us know when important items will be leaving stores. [Read more...]

Release: 8/15/14 Clothing & Hairs

Lots of new items to look through in today’s release.  Two different sections got a ton of items, the clothing and salon! [Read more...]

Buyer Beware: Perm Skins

Buyer BewareThe new skins are pretty awesome, but be sure you’re aware of what you’re purchasing. [Read more...]