Yo Vlog: Hyper

Yo VlogDinky is back with a very “Hyper” Vlog. He has a lot to talk about in this Vlog, so pay close attention. [Read more...]

Yo Vlog: Dawn On The Horizon

Yo VlogDinky is back with a very special Vlog. In today’s Vlog he talks about the newest Agent to the YoRehab family, Agent Dawny!!  [Read more...]

Agents’ Journal: Where Are The Parents?

New Agent Kendall JournalDear Journal,  [Read more...]

Is Zynga Too Pushy When It Comes To Recruiting New Players?

zyngaHave you noticed Zynga becoming pushy in regards to gaining new players? If you answered yes, you are not alone.  [Read more...]

New Raffle Arrives In The City Of Love

On the heels of a brand new release, YoVille has another raffle beginning!  [Read more...]

Facebook Hoax: For Every Share, Facebook Will Donate X Amount Of Dollars

Facebook- Default 11/11Another Facebook hoax is going around. This time, it is set up to tug the heart strings of caring individuals.  [Read more...]

City Of Love Brings New Home To YoVille

New Home DefaultThe arrival of a brand new theme also brings another house to YoVille. This morning, the “City of Love” came roaring in full force!  [Read more...]

Get To Know Agent Bliss And Win Big!

Get to know NEW defaultHere is your chance to get to know another great YoRehab Agent! [Read more...]

Yo Vlog: Freezers

Yo VlogDinky is back with another great Vlog! This time, he talks about freezers that attend events and the recent Price Guide issues.  [Read more...]

Why Is Zynga Losing Players? One Man Shares His Point Of View With Forbes

New Zynga News Default 11/11Have you wondered why the player numbers for Zynga’s games has been dropping? One man decided to put his theories on the record, and backed them up with firsthand accounts.  [Read more...]